chrono.memorist: rumination


Chronology, as the grid of time in equally distriubuted segments that we are so familiar with is the chronology of instrumentality; psychological or theoretical time becomes non-linear dreamtime as it approaches the Unconsious or varieties of Zeropoint Horizons, here we enter the mythological realm of: Chronos.

I see this as two realms. The grid of form and the circularity flexible with formlessness.

Having experimented and recorded dreams for over 10 years, i have seen from that perspective of formless Consciousness, time can exist in a simultaneous multiplicity of t/here.

Many timelines can cross as dreams often are an archeology of the self, memory and emotion. As well as it being the biological reshuffling of memory and chemistry. Bio-chemical consciousness does not mutually exclude the Unconscious or even Mythos.

When dreaming, or even daydreaming, Time and its progression also may change, as either sped up or slowed down. Dreamtime is the remix of inside outside, past, present, collective and even future. No-time even makes an appearance…

Certainly location is thrown off, as the Unconscious formula reshuffles color, experience, emotion. Dream logic is a way of knowing ourselves and each other that allows for other paradigms to emerge.



As a practicing artist, I have noticed that in my waking consciousness, my sense of time often shifts regarding my sense of: a body of work, or imaginative daydreaming, or creative innovation. De Bono speaks of this when he elaborates on the role of lateral thinking in creative enterprises.

When looking at other artist’s work for example i often am aware of the long progression. This might even expand into what Brian Eno calls the Long Now.

On a personal level, there are often judgements made by artists about their own past work, i’ve noticed. Especially when it is early work, and usually a negative judgement around that or a downplaying of the past as not the best.

Here the present and the newest becomes the most relevant and personally avant-garde. A privilege which i think misses something necessary about the past and greater Whole…

This does not always hold true but often enough it holds to be a generalization. I noticed that in my work, when i am shuffling through drawings or objects, they have a life as long as they are in usage or under consideration. True enough some drawings will tend to accumulate a different association or judgemnet as time goes by. That is they age well.

… I am interested in how works of art can sometimes exist achronologically, as a dream would hold life images in an achronological order. The creative mind, lateral thinking, rightside of the brain thinking is much like a dream.

This thought: as i post items, from a grab bag of items made by me or others of images or refernces made at various times.

Usage value brings items or images alive in the present. This content may go to sleep or rest or even age or deteriorate, however the time life of these objects seems to exist in the formlessness of dream. Past creations or memories have a life that progresses and grows at different rates. A tree of time and fruits. The past may be used and accesed creating simultaneously a causal and acausal patchwork of nonlinear and linear time: Unfolding Whole.



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