Osho on Art:


“[G.I.] Gurdjieff … coined the expressions “Objective Art” and “Subjective Art”. The first he used to describe those art works which were created by enlightened masters to give the onlooker a taste of meditation; whilst the latter for those which express the inner, turmoiled and subjective psyche of the artist. Osho expounds on this subject in various discourses.” see below text:

Osho writes: “Gurdjieff means by objective art, art which has some intrinsic quality which can be imparted for thousands of years. The work of art is a code word. After experiencing meditation for thousands of years, meditators have come to recognise that a certain posture, a certain way of sitting, a certain way of the eyes, can create in anybody a synchronicity, a sympathy. Some sympathetic note can be stirred by the statue


In the East a statue is not made for its own sake. It is made as a code language for centuries to follow. Scriptures may disappear, languages may change, words may be interpreted. There may be disputes about theories…

But anybody who is capable of sitting silently by the side of this statue will have a certain thing stirred in the heart. This is objective art.”

Osho, From Darkness to Light, Chapter 27

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Photo of Mahavira sculture, last great Sufi Saint, which Osho speaks about in further text.



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