Roshi is the bird:

The implications of this way of Being, which Sensai speaks of,  are profond. They certainly have an immediate relevance for music making; and the creation/receptivity of other art forms; as well as how we see ourselves and the world.

Subject / Object relationships which are staple of: artist/art or audience/art relations; are reconfigured with such metaphysical views, ie: like Budhhism’s or Hinduism’s deep integration of Self with All. As the ancient maxim states: You are That!

This is a complex question to unpack, in that differentiation is necessary either by mind and culture or the need for boundaries and practicalities.

Boundaries are an issue of: taxonomy, set theory and language, as well as being an issue of: perception and consciousness…


In an imaginative leap … i often see how human perceptions may analogously be: a particle, a wave or a field.

For example: How would the particle entity, as atomized self perceive the world and its relations? How does the particle self identify as one unit distinct or similar, to and from other particles?

The wave on the other hand would be a different kind of perception and self identification. Its fluid relation-aesthetics would be in the realm of connectivity, as in: resonnance, consonnance and/or disonnance. Instead of ball bearings bouncing around, the wave self would be more a turbulant sea dance of vibrations…

Whereas the field, would perceive itself and other aspects within the field-self in a different manner. As Wilber would say, boundaries and parts are included and transcended. This would be an expanded sense of self and view. How would field perception or mind perceive the forms, and characteristics of matter and mind?


When i hear this video and tradition from where it speaks, i hear: the field perceiving the field.


Particle, wave and field; is an interesting way of understanding, categorizing and embodying the multiplex of form and mind.

Particle nature is the nature of Contraction and separation, necessary for nature to create its infinite forms, Wave nature is the necessary glue and lubricant for interdependence and interconnectivity; as systems theory approximates. Field nature is the nature of Expansion and unification, that mystics and madmen speak about. All dimensions is the Universe in Manifesting mutifariously from the Unmanifest.

It seems that depending on consciousness, percetion, attention, body and world; we can become a different shape.

Suzuki Roshi is the bird.



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