How humor Doth:


Without getting too didactic about humor, i can say that it is a key right-brain (?) lateral necessity. The release provided by laughter is indeed liberation. Hasya or Laughter Yoga anyone?

Often people speak of Life itself and the Creation as a kind of humor or cosmic joke. Although as that scandal about cartoons and Islam, shows that deep value paradigms, ie: in terms of representational models for different cultures, may impede in one culture getting another’s joke. Did not Sufis have humor be part of their teachings…?

Humor is common parlance and view of the creative, illogical, irrational, imaginative, ludic mind set. In the realm of art and spirituality, how does humor play a role?

Often Zen is considered to be a close partner with humor with its dislocative thinking -of say a Koan, as a way to unhinge thought patterns themselves, and emerge into the free zone of Prescence …

Humor like Art, Wilber might say, is an expression of the consciousness of the maker. Is there a Sacred type of Humor, i wonder if yogis or even contemplative teachers, have a sense of humor? … Well, don’t be ridiculous cousin Larry they must! … but i am curious about its nature.

Watching Eckhart Tolle on video is a good example, of Realized humorous nature. Often in his talks he becomes a charicature of the mind an its “minkey mind” qualities, which the audience recognizes as small, familiar, and neurotic with Laughter.


The above piece opened this door of thematic consideration:

»In Case Of Emergency«, 2009, plastified C-print 18×24 cm by Michele Bressan.



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