Art Infinitum: A Conversation on Contemporary Art and the Infinite

Art Infinitum:
A Conversation on Contemporary Art and the Infinite
presented in conjunction with Ryoji Ikeda: data.tron/data.scan and Infinite Egress

Sunday, October 25, 2–3:30pm
Free admission


What is at stake in the attempt to represent that which by its very nature is unrepresentable? From Max Bill to Marcel Duchamp, MC Escher to Robert Smithson the concept of the infinite has inspired numerous Modern and Contemporary artists to make works of art in relation to its central paradoxes. At the beginning of the 21st century philosophers and cultural theorists have been increasingly turning to the notion of the infinite in order to comprehend social forces. Contemporary artists have similarly found the concept of the infinite productive in trying to wrestle with representation and create works of art that reflect the dynamics of contemporary life.

Robert Kleyn and Lucy Pullen will join Jim Gunson in a conversation that will consider contemporary art and the infinite through the idea of infinite regress, the figure of the möbius strip, the picture in transfinite math, and the vanishing point of perspectival geometry. This event is presented in conjunction with Ryoji Ikeda: data.tron/data.scan and Infinite Egress (with works by David Dyment & Roula Partheniou, Babak Golkar, Lucy Pullen, Robert Kleyn, and Robert Smithson). The speakers will address some of the questions raised by works in these exhibitions.

Refreshments provided.


Jim Gunson, retired faculty member of Kwantlen Polytechnic University, has degrees in Mathematics and Computing Science. He has an ongoing love and fascination for the magic of mathematics, in particular analysis, which explores the infinitely large and small. He has recently rekindled a passion for photography.

Robert Kleyn is a visual artist and practicing architect. Kleyn’s visual art practice includes photography, video, slide works, sculpture, installation, and performance art. His works have been included in exhibitions in Europe and North America. He has won Canada Council awards and has received honourable mentions in several international design competitions.

Lucy Pullen is a Canadian conceptual artist and sculptor. Pullen’s work with conceptual art, sculpture, and aesthetics opens new fields of inquiry and her projects include interdisciplinary collaboration. Her approach to professional practice incorporates visual thinking on a philosophical base. She has worked with international residency programs and is a tenured Assistant Professor at the University of Victoria.


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